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Online dating for ugly people works – first engagement celebrated !

November 1st, 2010 Comments off

ugly couple are celebrating their first engagement among two not so handsome folks, Tom Clifford and Janine Walker. Their first encounter was about a month ago online, after they registered to what is called a dating site for « aesthetically challenged » people. The marriage is due to take place in December, in Gloucestershire, UK.

Although Tom’s own words say that his face would make children cry, Janine has a different opinion and he calls him a handsome prince. It seems that in the end is the inner beauty that counts. Four dates were enough for these two folks to realise that they are meant one  for each other and last week they decided to become engaged.

We all know that most of the times ugly people have a difficult challenge in finding their life partner, Tom addmiting that most women he met were laughing about his looks but in the end he seems to have found his perfect companion, Janine, which he sees as a beautiful person in every way. After 12 years of being single Tom got his eyes on Janine in late August and he approached her with an email that invited her out. It did not take too long for Janine to agree and after four dates they decided to get married. Moreover, the website’s owners decided to hand over to this couple a great wedding present – a free honeymoon to Borth in Wales.

She is not a supermodel, on the contrary, she is what people call « an ugly girl » and he is not as charming as girls might look for either. However they are a matching couple with a beautiful future ahead and it seems that the phrase « beauty is in the eye of the beholder » can be applied in the real life as well, not only in movies.